14 Days in the life of a spicy pizza

@Athens School of Fine Arts [May 2016]

Α multimedia study on symbiotic psychosis, this project was initialy streamed live from the Athens School of Fine Arts. Something between a puppet-show, a music video, a telemarketing channel and a personal confession, the work asked viewers to combine a complex thread of connections and associations. The two characters appear both in real time and in the form of memories/fantasies represented by doppelgänger puppets.

The couple presented at the work suffers from folie-a-deux and discusses the nature of their symbiotic predicament. Theoretical texts, diary entries and delirious extracts evolve in a multi-reflexive dialogue. Pieces of identification reproduce obsessions, recycle fantasies and generally things go really wrong or scarily right. All this takes the form of a journey through spices’ scents. This work has mutated a number of times before finally coming together, yet its various manifestations always somehow self-destruct, adding the final touch to this work’s thematic about the discomfort of coexistence.