200 Thousand Years of Greece

@Euronoize, Scala, London [May 2019]

In 2019 FYTA were commissioned by Pil & Galia Kollectiv to create a video for their upcoming event called ‘Euronoize’ which was a spoof Eurovision event with an intention to critique the nationalist absurdity of a musical competition between European nation-states. As part of the live event that took place at the Scala (London) with DIY bands from different countries, Pil & Galia commissioned a series of short films by artists from the participating countries, responding to the event’s themes and questions. The film FYTA produced was called ‘200 Thousand Years of Greece’ and it was inspired by the short ‘national idents’ shown as part of the real Eurovision between songs – but with an anti-greek twist.

The video got a second life when it was used as a parody promo video for the celebrations of the 200 years from the greek revolution in 2021. As the official celebrations reeked of rancid patriotism, this was a prime opportunity for a creative détournement. Two days after the video was released on YouTube, the ‘Greece 2021’ committee requested its removal on a copyright infringement claim. FYTA fought against this decision (parody, after all, is considered ‘fair use’) and now the video is back online.

Voice over by Macklin Kowal