200 Years of Suffocation

@online [Mar 2021]

Being described by fascist tabloids as “the cancer in the soul of our homeland”, this exhibition was FYTA’s most broadly hated showcase, attracting hundreds of comments by alt-right trolls and patriots and landing on the front pages of right-wing papers.

In the celebrations for the two hundred years since 1821, nationalist trash reached unprecedented levels. In the midst of a pandemic, where class differences really stood out and brutal policing violated every human right in a democratic society, the Homeland-Religion-Family mythology was underlined again and again. The creative response to this hideous situation was extremely sparse, with most artists trying instead to take advantage of the money that was given to art to praise greece’s glorious history.

200 Years of Suffocation, the largest anti-1821 exhibition of the year, was made by subjects and talked about subjects who suffocate within the framework of greek orthodox patriotism and use creative means to express their dissatisfaction with a mythology that does not include them, does not express them, does not concern them.