Athens Festival of Queer Performance

@Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research [Oct 2019]

Athens Festival of Queer Performance aimed at presenting different strands of the booming local scene of queer performance, as well as establishing a dialogue with an international array of performers, artists and academics working on live and media performance art. Besides FYTA, the event was co-organised by a group of queers (artists, curators and theoreticians) who were connected to other queer events and creative platforms in Athens such as the Sound Acts festival, Glam Slam, Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research and Queer Ink, as well as local queer feminist movements.

AFoQP included performances, happenings, academic presentations, workshops and screenings focusing on the hybrid dimensions of the notion of queer. We were interested in presentations embodying personal stories and common narratives, multiple truths, hysteria, failure, ridiculousness, togetherness, anti-essentialism as well as intersectionality, pop, political action, DIY, collage, humour and trauma.

Photos by Alexandros Katsis