Conceptual songwriting & object-oriented synthesis

@Athens Museum of Queer Arts [May 2016]

In May 2016, FYTA organised a workshop at the Athens Museum of Queer Arts, in which they shared with the audience some of their methods as conceptual songwriters. During the session, they showcased their object-oriented DIY approach to composition that they have utilised throughout their discography. Every participant ended up making their own song, composed of personal material and improvised music.

​Participants were asked to bring with them any of the following: their own lyrics, found poetry, real or imaginary instruments, beloved objects, samples of music etc and under the FYTA guidance they used those elements plus many more that were provided, to compose a conceptual song. No knowledge of music theory, harmony or sense of rhythm was necessary.

In 2017, the workshop was also presented in the Embodied Methodologies conference at Royal Holloway, University of London.