Foreskin Wariors

@Old Operating Theatre Museum, London [Sep 2022]

The performance took place in the context of the book launch of Jordan Osserman’s “Circumcision on the Couch”. FYTA staged an intervention during Osserman’s lecture. Two hooded men wearing anonymous masks interrupted the event while a video projection of their leader delivered their message against the ‘culture of circumsicion’. The performance drew inspiration from ‘intactivists’, a group of men’s rights activists that fight against the practice of circumcision, but who, over the years, have developed their discourse to encompass alt-right conspiracy theories, antisemitism, and MAGA rhetorics.

Taking intactivists as a starting point, FYTA introduced a bastardised version of their politics that superficially resembled conventional alt-right discourse but was interjected with eco-friendliness, so-called ‘social justice warrior’ leftisms and gender politics, challenging their audience to reflect on the current state of radical anti-authoritarian discourse. Their assemblage of contradictory political messaging problematised notions of nativism and the ‘natural’ state, while at the same time blurred the boundaries of ‘us’ vs ’them’ of established liberal orthodoxies.

With the participation of Robert Price.