FYTA Bianella: Ficus Golden Jubilee

@Athens Biennale [Sep 2013]

Ficus Golden Jubilee (aka ΦΥΤΑ Βianella) was an attempt to create a hybrid space, where FYTA presented different sides of their work, together with projects by chosen creatives with whom they are in a dialectic discourse / creative dialogue. The aim was the putting-together of a lively space, in which the borders between artistic media and roles, both in setting-up, as well as in participation to the creative act are blurred. Thus, FYTA’s role was to continuously mutate from artists to subject matter, from curators to performers, from those who encourage to those that criticise in the most venomous way.

The main participatory part of the whole in-progress happening lasted 8 days, each based on different largely biblical thematics. The overall purpose was the deconstruction of specific grand narratives around greek reality: trash culture, language, tradition and neo-folk, conspiracies etc. At the same time, ‘participatory art’ was a subject matter in itself. FYTA’s strategy was purposefully contradictory: on the one hand they were interested in demolishing the idea of the artist as a magical, gifted persona and on the other in ridiculing notions of interactivity and direct democracy. Thus while they shared their creative methodology with many participants and provided an open platform, at the same time they almost demanded participation and directed the happenings in an authoritarian fashion.

More info about the exhibition and all participating artists can be found on the FYTA Bianella site.