FYTA the Band

@Various Locations [2012 — 2014]

FYTA started very much as a band, a musical project influenced by early-80s DIY post-punk messthetics scenes, creating a mixture of spoken-word/poetry, sampling and instruments they can or can’t play. The fluxus-like approach to composition was accompanied by the conceptual construction of the brand of a band, using the clichés of alternative music and hinting towards KLF’s The Manual.

Initially covering their faces with plants and giving confusing interviews in hip blogs, they constructed a myth of a super-cool anti-band, managing to be considered a must by even the most coolness-driven platforms around, while being harshly critical to those very platforms. Strongly influenced by (or even ripping-off) German anti-music group Die Tödliche Doris, as well as greek situationist trio Dimosioypalliliko Retire, FYTA constructed every single next move carefully, following their first shy LP with a heavy self-referential ‘second-album’ which was released with an audio commentary by the band (DVDstyle). Within a year from the time of their formation, they recruited 20 different artists to make covers of their material, an unacceptable gesture of self-importance, while a year later they released a best-of collection (which actually consisted of unreleased material). They also participated in other people’s albums, officially split three times, presented material ‘live’, wrote letters to record labels and created imaginary beefs with other artists. In a public statement in 2014, they announced that they got bored of music and decided to move on. They still release music occasionally to this day.