FYTINI: An attempt towards the queerification of greek music

@Sound:Gender:Feminism:Activism conference [Oct 2014]

In 2014, FYTA and the Fytini team presented a performative lecture in the Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism conference at the London College of Communication. The lecture, titled “Fytini: An attempt towards the queerification of greek music”, focused on the intricacies of the greek-speaking alternative music scene. For the Fytini team, the established creative world in greece did not deal with questions around greekness, national identity and the patriarchy.

The team presented how Fytini attempted to destabilise power structures as well as aesthetical clichés that dominate greek music. To achieve this queerification of musical traditions, Fytini moved in four parallel, equally important axes: a. highlighting marginal subjectivities, stressing queer and feminist approaches b. destroying/dismissing traditional forms of the current music millieu, while promoting DIY messthetics c. fighting artistic over-seriousness and dangerously separative mechanisms as the concepts of low and high-brow music d. Disengaging with financial exchange systems, offering all music for free downloads.