Fytini Lexicon 1 & 2

@Fytini Press [Feb 2015 — 2018]

The group of people around the DIY music label Fytini (FYTA, Louisa Doloksa and Alex Tsoli created in 2015 the first edition of their own unique lexicon followed by a second instalment in 2018 when Athanasios Anagnostopoulos joined the group. Bringing together neologisms, new analytical categories and despicable portmanteaus, the Fytini Lexicon developed a nascent camp and subversive vocabulary of a new era. The Lexicon had a double aim: on the one hand, it was an attempt to map and taxonomise the already existing and in-development inside-lingo the team used in their everyday communication; on the other hand, publishing the lexicon operated as a political gesture. For Fytini, words are performative: they create and produce new realities. Thus, perhaps a new Fytinean vocabulary would potentially disrupt normative and repressive regimes of the past and facilitate meaningful change.