@online [Apr 2014 — Sep 2019]

Fytini* was FYTA’s largest and most open-form collaborative project, an attempt to solve all the problems of the stale greek music scene once and for all, a queerification of greek alternative music. Part web-portal and part net-label, Fytini aimed at releasing/promoting works that are at once performative, queer-leaning, deconstructive, post-trash. The project closed the cycle of its operation in 2019 after releasing 38 albums and hosting 70+ different artists.

Some of the interests of the label were: DIY-ness, self-production, anti-professionalism, messthetics, post-punk, non-seriousness, collage-isms, performance art, queer politics, post-feminism[s], the [anti]spectacle, familial creative structures, found sound, cover versions, spoken word, cross-genre pollination etc. All Fytini music was released free online. Members of the Fytini family curated the yearly sound, gender and identity festival sound acts in Athens. Central in the operation of Fytini besides FYTA has been Alex Tsoli (aka Metatheodosia) and Louisa Doloksa.

*Fytini is actually the name of a 1980s greek ‘healthy’ vegetable fat.