@nGBK, Berlin [Dec 2014]

Glüh/Birne was a multimedia delirium where (post)-political indignation meets (anti)nationalist enjoyment – all with a queer ethos and apocalyptic aesthetics! Dressed as annoying-pears, FYTA took the stage with the task to re-present nature in its raw and un-natural origins, a nature that is monstrous and, as they claimed, ultimately very greek.

Using the term Glüh/Birne, a pun on the German words meaning light, pear and bulb, FYTA built a borderline truth about language, nature, national identity. Displacing what is seen as the socially-uniting commonsensical truth and replacing it with another, ever-elusive type of common sense, which is irritating and contradictory yet stubborn-minded and pseudoscientific, Glüh/Birne could be seen as a powerpoint presentation for the post-truth generation.

In this de-naturalising project, FYTA aimed at the total alienation of the audience, as well as themselves (in fact, in the single presentation of this work at NGBK in Berlin, they actually argued with each other on stage). Lost in a meta semiotic sea of stimuli, the audience falls into structural despair.