@Athens Biennale [Sep 2013]

The interactive installation Greeceland was presented twice: once in Athens [in greek] and once at the event Greek Trash, curated by Cuntemporary London [in English]. FYTA created a mapping of the territory around greek identity and then invited the audience to use stickers in order to mix and match the relationalities of the terms allowing for new (dis)associations with the central concept.​

Greeceland is an endless network of contradictory definitions, inter-connections and imaginary genealogies. By creating greeceland FYTA decentralized the signifier ‘greece’ to its constitutive pre-conditions. Divergent threads, traumatic memories and irrational conspiracies are all coming together in a thoroughly ‘scientific’ graph. The ‘Greeceland’ spider-gram grows whenever the projects is introduced to new audiences as they add their own personal stories of (anti-)greekness creating new branches and semantic associations.