@online [Mar 2016]

At the beginning of 2016 a large collaboration between the Marina Abramovic Institute and greek arts organisation NEON brought to Athens the groundbreaking [sic] Abramovic method, presented as part of the exhibition As One. The project showcased the work of 30 greek performance artists who were trained by Marina Abramovic herself. The greek performers had the opportunity to showcase their work on a daily basis for 7 weeks.

After the announcement of the titles and descriptions of all performances in the promotional material of As One, FYTA identified the underlying common themes and structures of those performances and built an algorithm that could generate thousands of similar projects and artists. Marinator™ is an online content generator. Each time a user clicks on the ‘marinate’ button, Marinator™ generates a new, random combination of an action, analysis, title, face and name. Surprisingly the results are often as realistic or even more realistic than the official descriptions taken from the exhibition’s website. According to quantitative data, the average user needs to do about eleven marinates before suspecting the randomness of the generated output.

Programming by k-risc