@Batiment d'Art Contemporain, Geneva [Oct 2015]

In this performance/situation that took place at Geneve’s Bâtiment d’Art Contemporain, FYTA presented themselves as doctors/cardinals, paying respect to the beauty of western culture and warning about the foreign dangers against European values. The main bulk of the three-part performance took place within a confined room that resembled something between a cult’s basement and Clockwork Orange’s reform clinic. In order to enter the room, visitors were asked to answer a questionnaire with politically complex (and often quite literally impossible to answer without acquiring a reactionary position) questions. Once inside the room, the audience was met with apocalyptic cardinal DJs repeating freedom mantras, bloody scenes at the funeral of Europe and psychotic doctors talking about the superiority of European cheeses.

With the participation of V. Kostayola and S. Bebeza