Pokemon Poetry

@Various Locations [Jun 2014 — 2018]

Pokémon Poetry was a multimedia project in progress. The project started as a fanzine consisting of nine short poems, each one written about a specific Pokémon character. The poems were then turned into songs and given a heavy lied-like treatment for piano and voice. Composer and pianist Alexandros Drosos and mezzo-soprano Ioanna Forti worked on the scores and produced a small song cycle, which was premiered live at the queer festival Sound Acts in 2015. They were also released on a very ltd edition cassette by Fytini.

Pokémon Poetry was started as a meta-commentary on various discussions around the ‘internet generation’. Often in these discussions the generation that grew up in the late 90s and early 00s is presented as completely cynical and incompetent to identify with any genuine emotions (instead expressing themselves through irony or distanciation). Exactly at this point, we built a project that combined raw (almost romantic) sentimentality, traditional means of expression (lyrical verse, piano and voice, music with classical influences) and a thoroughly post-modern point of reference: Pokémon. In a sense it was an attempt to create an instant classic, using a hypothetical time lag, i.e. trying to think what the audience / researchers of the future would want to find of FYTA’s contemporary time, when looking
back. In 2018, a live performance of Pokemon Poetry took place at ATOPOS CVC in the context of #TextMe_Lab series of events.