Psychoanalysis & Post-Truth: US Election Special

@Freud Museum [Nov 2020]

On the cusp of the US presidential election and deepening political uncertainty around the world, FYTA co-curated an interdisciplinary digital conference that brought together critical, artistic and psychoanalytic interventions to bear on the question of politics and public discourse in the midst of the apparent collapse of trust in scientific and authoritative knowledge. The event was hosted by the Freud Museum in London.

The event suffered an interesting and almost unbelievable case of censorship: after the first day of the conference, Facebook blocked all the accounts related to the conference, including that of the Freud Museum. In hindsight the event has anticipated the culmination of post-truth politics that led to the Capitol riots on January 6.

The event was co-organised by Jordan Osserman in partnership with the Ministry of Post-Truth and Waiting Times.

You can watch all of the lectures of the event on YouTube.