Queer / Unqueer

@ATOPOS CVC [May 2017]

FYTA and ATOPOS cvc presented an interactive installation on the notion of Queer, under the title “Queer::Unqueer”. During the first part of the event the audience was invited to comment on the ‘queerness’ of various everyday concepts presented on a large wall. This interactive process, that was organized and conducted by FYTA, invited the audience to reflect on the meaning of queerness as a concept in the greek context, exploring its analytical boundaries and creative potential.

During the second part of the evening there was a roundtable with artists, academics and activists engaging in a dialogue on what queer means in greece at the time of the event, focusing on how this concept was used in activist circles, and how it was starting to get appropriated by larger organisations and institutions (a process that was accelerated in the following years). The evening was part of the 2017 International Museum Day programme “Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums”.