Sound Acts

@KET & Athens Festival [Apr 2015 — 2017]

Sound Acts was a 3-year research project and annual get-together, a showcase of creative couplings between performance art/gesture, sound/music and gender/body/identity. It was the first large-scale queer performance festival in Athens. The work of eighty artists, performers and academics was presented in the three instalments of the festival. The project’s purpose was twofold: on the one hand it was an opportunity to establish connections between Greek practitioners/theoreticians and the international community and on the other a chance to bring the athenian audience in contact with work that is generally left outside of local sound art and music showcases.

​Some of the points of reference for Sound Acts were: theatricality in musical happenings, the idea of post-performance, cyborgs and the relation between technology and the body, drag shows and cabaret, music that can not be categorised and may consist of contradictory sub-parts, self-referentiality, anti-art and conceptualism, feminist art and body art, synaesthesia and the boundaries between senses, the relationship of spoken word and music, race and sound art, the idea of messthetics and the DIY ethos of dada and fluxus.

Sound acts was initiated by FYTA, Alex Demetriou and Elena Poughia. More info on the festival and all participating artists can be found at the sound acts archive