The 100 Worst Greeks

@Athens Biennale [Sep 2013]

The 100 Worst Greeks came as a response to the reality show / documentary by greek TV channel SKAI The 100 Great Greeks, where the public voted on who they think the greatest greeks of all time are. In an attempt to denaturalise ‘common sense’ and the notion of implicit consensus, this alternative list included a medley of intellectuals, fascists, university, professors, TV personalities and artists, creating legitimate questions about what really connects these people.

For the production of the results, FYTA recruited a public online survey which drew over 1500 participants in only a few days and used quantitative methodologies of the social sciences to analyse the results, pushing the methodological tools of statistics to their most ridiculous boundaries. Undoubtedly this is FYTA’s work that has caused most criticism, as the public found unacceptable the way prominent players of greek history coexist in a list with other, not so prominent. In an argument they had with the audience, a visitor, unable to understand why the great were placed next to the despicable, exclaimed: “well, if you want to know, YOU are even worse than Plato!”