The Banana Lemon Impasse

@Zoumboulakis Gallery [Apr 2021]

The Banana / Lemon Impasse presents the biggest conceptual, poetic and philosophical disagreement between FYTA in their first ten years of their existence. How can one match a banana and a lemon, with the words ”banana” and “lemon” in the most interesting, funny, creative, intricate way? In two 60-second videos, each member of FYTA summarizes their argument in a fruitful testimony that touches on semiotics, hermeneutics, psychoanalysis and structural linguistics.

The interactive installation featuring the videos alongside electronically enhanced bananas and lemons was part of the exhibition ‘On Gardening’ at the Zoumboulakis Galleries.

We would like to thank Fo Masnou for the Nails and Veronique Tromokratisch for the Hands.

Watch on YouTube.