The Garden of Dystopian Pleasures

@Athens School of Fine Arts [Sep 2018]

Organised under the umbrella of ASFA BBQ, the Athens School of Fine Arts yearly performance festival, the Garden of Dystopian Pleasures was a showcase of performance, talks, workshops, screenings etc on notions of post-truth cultures and the return of reactionary propaganda. “Can we rethink identity politics?”, “can we repackage hope as sexy?”, “can we assist fake-news trolls to their self-destruction?” were some of the questions the festival raised. 40+ artists, performers, academics, including Ed Fornieles, Bae Sharam, OPA, Yannis Stavrakakis and many more joined the festival offering their version of a dystopian present and a very much questionable future.

In 2021 FYTA wrote an article reflecting on the experience of curating this event, alongside participating artists Pedro de Senna Richard Pfützenreuter that was published at the “Studies in Theatre and Performance” journal. You can read the full article on tandfonline.com.