The Social Contract & Its Discontents

@Athens School of Fine Arts [Sep 2019]

For the second edition of asfaBBQ (the Athens School of Fine Arts yearly performance festival) that FYTA edited, instead of a centrally curated programme, it was decided that it would consist of separate mini curations, each on a different topic and by a different organisation/group of our choice. The list of groups included FAC Research, Athens Festival of Queer Performance, FYTINI, Sub Rosa Space, Queer Ink, ΣKPA-punk, MEME (communities), The text of appearances and Faster than Light.

The curatorial team invited the different collectives, initiatives and informal groups to reflect on ideas of togetherness when it comes to political/social ideals and artistic practice. The initial call stated that “the artist as an individual (often male, white, cis, abled) has been the main focus of art history for some time; it is now scenes, movements, art spaces, waves, unexpected collaborations and all sorts of communities that allow for conflict and difference that gain ground, much like in previous politically treacherous times (the 1960s, the 1920s etc). AsfaBBQ is interested in giving space to some of these (largely DIY) scenes that have appeared in the Athenian landscape in the last five years and especially since the arrival of documenta14.”

Photos by Alexandros Katsis and Vassilis Vlastaras